You've known us for years. Riverside has long held the leadership position as the area's preferred hospital for women's health services. What sets us apart are the extra services we provide for women and those close to them. Those services are provided by very special people at a very special place-the Elizabeth Blackwell Center at Riverside, just north of the hospital at 3724-A Olentangy River Road.

 Elizabeth Blackwell
     Elizabeth Blackwell

We opened the Elizabeth Blackwell Center in 1985. It was the area's first freestanding women's center and we proudly named it after America's first woman physician. We staffed it with skilled women's health professionals who take a nurturing, compassionate, and knowledgeable approach to helping women. Whether you need a place to learn new skills, a source for health information, a place to sort out life's challenges and difficulties, or a support group where you can share with others, here you will be respected as a whole person. We will be ever mindful of all dimensions of your life. We will support you in taking charge of your life, making wise, informed choices, and learning the self-care skills you need for a healthy life.

Since opening, we've served nearly 500,000 individuals-mothers, sisters, friends, husbands, fathers, families; women starting new life phases and women facing new challenges; women who care for themselves and others-women like you.

Our programs are low-cost or no cost and financial assistance may be available. If you would like further information about any of the programs included here or have suggestions for new ones, please call us. We are your women's health center and we remain sensitive to meeting your needs, whatever they are and wherever you are in your life.

Our mission is to improve the health of those we serve.

We hold strongly to certain values and give you every right to expect these from us. When you are served by the Elizabeth Blackwell Center staff, you can expect:

  • To be greeted warmly
  • To be served in a timely manner
  • To have your concerns discussed in a way that balances body, mind and spirit
  • To have your information held confidentially
  • To be seen as a unique individual
  • To be listened to thoughtfully
  • To be treated respectfully
  • To be given current, accurate information
  • To discuss various options and choices
  • To be encouraged to learn and grow
  • To be supported
  • To participate in next-step decisions