Medical Staff Communications

Some duties of the Medical Executive Committee include:

  • Represent and act on behalf of the Medical Staff between meetings of the Medical Staff, subject to such limitations as may be imposed by these Bylaws and Manuals.
  • Coordinate the activities and general policies of the Medical Staff and various Departments.
  • Receive and act upon committee and Department assigned activity group reports and recommendations.
  • Fulfill the Medical Staff's accountability to the Board of Directors for the quality of medical care rendered to patients in the Hospital by recommending the organization of quality assessment and improvement activities; and the conduct, evaluation, and revision of such activities.
  • Take all reasonable steps to ensure professional ethical conduct and competent clinical performance on the part of all Appointees and Allied Health Professionals and Privileges including evaluating Practitioners in instances where there is doubt about a Practitioner's ability to perform Privileges requested or granted.
  • Account to the Board, by written report, on the quality and appropriateness of medical care provided to patients of the Hospital, including summaries of specific findings, actions, and follow-up.

Executive Committee Members:

Voting Members:
Thomas Harmon, MD / President, Medical Staff
Mike Levey, MD / Chair, Credentials Committee
B.J. Pomerants, MD / Chair, Department Surgery
Mary Cook, MD / Chair, Department Medicine
James Beattie, MD / Member-at-Large
David Boehmer, DO / Member-at-Large
James Geese, MD / Member-at-Large
Milan Herceg, MD / Member-at-Large

Non-Voting Members:
David Beard, MD / Director, Organizational Development
Cheryl Herbert / President, Dublin Methodist Hospital
Bob Millen / Chief Operating Officer, OhioHealth
Bruce Vanderhoff, MD / Chief Medical Officer, OhioHealth
Keith Hartzell, Esq. / Office of the General Counsel