Medical Education

 The OhioHealth Doctors Hospital Department of Medical Education office serves as the primary point of contact and administration for your 4th year elective clinical rotation. In order to successfully complete and pass a clinical rotation, each student will need to comply with local policies and procedures. This includes a formal orientation on the first day of service. At the end of your rotation, a formal check-out in the Medical Education office is also required. You will be asked to complete paperwork (in addition to what your school requires), turn in your ID badge, pager, etc. All rotations end no later than 3:00 PM on the last Friday of the rotation.

Information for 4th Year Elective Rotations 2015 - 2016

Student Information Form (PDF) 
Please complete and email to Paula Vasu (

Scrub Training (PDF)
Scrub Training is required for the following rotations only:
* General Surgery
* Orthopedic Surgery
* Trauma Critical Care
* Neurosurgery
You will not be permitted to begin your rotation without your scrub training certificate.

Visiting Student Rotation Information (PDF)
Directions, parking, what to bring

Guidelines for Clinical Elective Rotations (PDF)
Professionalism, scope of practice and conduct

You must not start before your rotation's official start date.

Failure to comply with this rule will lead to immediate termination of your rotation, and your removal from consideration for a residency at this hospital.