Medical Education


2016-2017 Elective Rotations

Information about elective rotations for 4th year medical students is located on our VSAS page

Thank you for your interest in the educational programs at Doctors Hospital! This information is for the 2016-2017 catalog.

* ONLY COMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL BE PROCESSED- We will not contact students with incomplete applications.
* We will send a confirmation email upon receipt of your $50 fee.
* From July through December, there is a one rotation per student maximum.
* Once accepted, no rescheduling of electives is permitted.


- Complete VSAS application with the following documents: CV, photo, transcript, school immunization report, and TB and flu shot records if not listed on the school report.
- PDF of the student's COMLEX report.


You must meet the COMLEX requirements listed below. Please do not contact the program directors or administrators regarding rotations. Disregard of this request may void your application.

COMLEX Level 1 minimum score of 400 or higher
Emergency Medicine: EMS
Emergency Medicine: Research
Family Medicine

 COMLEX Level 1 score of 450 or higher

COMLEX Level 1 score of 500 or higher
Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medicine: Ultrasound
General Surgery
General Internal Medicine
Trauma Critical Care

 COMLEX Level 1 score of 525 or higher
Orthopedic Surgery


- $50 fee is to be paid after you receive notification of acceptance for a requested elective.
- The fee is non-refundable and must be received within two weeks (14 days) of the date on the notification of acceptance.
- If the fee is not received within two weeks (14 days) of the date on the acceptance notification, your offer will be dropped and your spot will be forfeited.
- Do not send the processing fee until you have been approved for the rotation.

No personal checks accepted. The only form of payment accepted is a Money Order or Bank Cashier's Check made payable to OhioHealth and mailed to:

Paula Vasu
Dept. of Graduate Medical Education
Doctors Hospital
5100 W. Broad Street
Columbus OH 43228

Due to the high volume of requests we cannot accept telephone or email inquires regarding the status of applications.
You will be notified via VSAS email regarding the status of your application and/or scheduling of electives.
Only acceptances authorized through VSAS are considered confirmed.

Students are responsible for arranging their own housing and transportation.


If you can no longer attend an accepted elective rotation, you must notify the Medical Student Coordinator via email no later than 4 weeks prior to your start date. The Medical Student Coordinator will then notify the department that you cannot attend. No re-scheduling of electives is permitted. You must also decline the rotation in VSAS. If you fail to notify the Visiting Student Coordinator at least 4 weeks prior to your start date, Doctors Hospital will withdraw you from any future scheduled elective and your home school will be notified. The student is also no longer eligible to apply for rotations at Doctors Hospital.

This information is subject to change.
Last updated 3/11/16

Paula Vasu

 Medical Student Coordinator
[email protected]
Please do not call or email regarding the status of your VSAS application.
You will be contacted through VSAS.

Department of Medical Education
Heritage Center for Osteopathic Medical Education
5100 W. Broad Street
Columbus OH 43228