Medical Education

Annual Salary *
OGME I $49,774.40
OGME II $50,793.60
OGME III $52,811.20
OGME IV $55,182.40
OGME V $56,908.80
OGME VI $58,614.40
OGME VII $60,798.44

* beginning July 1, 2013


Medical and Dental insurance are available and offered at a competitive cost-shared rate across the OhioHealth system. Additional dependents may be added.

Malpractice / liability insurance is carried on each intern and resident by the hospital at 100% but limited to the activities within the formal training program.

Long-term disability is available to residents.


Other Benefits

Vacation Time- 20 working days per year per approval of the program director  (includes time off for illness, bereavement, & personal reasons for residents)

Immunizations are provided at no cost and include DPT, booster, Hepatitis B, MMR, and Varicella. Annual PPD's are also administered.

Meals- House staff receive a monthly stipend for meals.

Lab coats- provided per policy.