Medical Education

Department of General Surgery Teaching Faculty Doctors Hospital and Grant Medical Center

General Surgery Program Director

John Galante, DO, FACOS


Peripheral Vascular

Robert Brightwell, DO, FACOS                               

Randall Franz, MD, FACS                            

Richard Pin, MD, FACS                               


General Surgery, Colorectal Surgery  

Joshua Braveman, MD                                              


General Surgery, MIS

James Massullo, MD


General Surgery, Surgical Oncology

Kristin Ryan, DO


General Surgery

AJ Campbell, MD, FACS

Richard Costin, DO, FACOS

Stephen Fisher, DO, FACOS

Steven Glatz, MD     

Scott Hockenberry, MD, FACS

Jeffery Innes, MD, FACS                             

Mark Jump, DO                    

BJ Pomerants, MD, FACS    


Breast Surgery

Mark Cripe, DO

Christine Habib, MD

Caitlan Truong, MD


Trauma Surgery

Paul Beery, MD, FACS                                

Jennifer Hartwell, MD                                  

Josh Hill, MD                                                

Shay O'Mara, MD, FACS                            

Urmil Pandya, MD                                        

Jason Straus, MD                                          


Cardiothoracic Surgery          

Dale Levy, MD                                             


Reconstructive/Plastic Surgery

Joseph Minarchek, MD                                                                     

Mark Wells, MD



Roy Brown,MD                                              

William Gianakopoulos, MD                        

Rick Taylor, MD



Gordon Kim, DO

Seth Levin, DO

Tasos Manokas, DO 

Gaurev Mehta, MD

Adam Tzagournis, MD         

John Tzagournis, MD                                               

Michael Tzagournis, MD                              



In addition, the teaching staff is complimented by the faculty at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and Nationwide Children's Hospital.