Medical Education



Each year of the residency is divided into 13, four week blocks. Rotations follow the Basic Standards set forth by the AOA and AOCA. Click here for a sample rotation schedule.


OGME Year 1

The OGME 1 rotation requirements are set forth by the AOCA and consist of the rotations listed below. The four rotations in anesthesia during your OGME 1 year are designed to get you familiar with the faculty, staff, paperwork and basic anesthesia knowledge and skills. By the end of the fourth rotation, residents should demonstrate increased proficiency, efficiency and independence based on the knowledge and skills they have developed during the prior three rotations.

 OGME 1 Rotations 
Anesthesia - 4 blocks
Intensive Care Unit - 1 block
Pediatrics - 1 block
Medicine - 3 - blocks
Surgery - 2 blocks
Obstetrics - 1 block

OGME 1 Clinic Day
In addition to the rotations during your OGME 1 year, you also have a clinic day participating in and performing Pre Assessment Testing exams on patients who are having upcoming surgery at Doctors Hospital.  The clinic day will provide the means for residents to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to optimize patients for surgery.  By performing detailed history and physical examinations, the resident will strengthen his or her ability to identify disease states that increase intra and/or postoperative morbidity and mortality.  They will then seek to reduce those risks through the appropriate utilization of laboratory and diagnostic tests and physician consultations.  This clinic day is performed once a week for half a day during most rotations.


OGME Year 2

Your OGME 2 year will be spent completely performing anesthesia based at Doctors Hospital.  Residents will focus on learning and mastering fundamental anesthesia knowledge. Furthermore, you will learn how to anticipate, identify and treat many problems that occur during anesthesia.

OGME 2 Rotations 
General Anesthesia
        Doctors Hospital - 10 blocks
        Grant Medical Center - 1 block
Obstetric Anesthesia - 1 block
Cardio-Thoracic Anesthesia - 1 block 


 OGME Year 3

The OGME 3 year is one of the most exciting years in training!  During this level of training you will gain knowledge and participate in caring for patients with complex co-morbidities in a variety of anesthesia specialties.  OGME 3 year rotations may include all of the following specialties:

OGME 3 Rotations
Cardiothoracic  - 1 block
Neurosurgery - 1 block
Trauma- 1 block
SICU - 1 block
Pediatrics  - 2 blocks
Obstetrics  - 1 block
Outpatient Pain 1- block


OGME Year 4

 The OGME 4 year can be based on one of the three AOCA tracks; Advance, Subspecialty Training, or Research Project tracks.  As a OGME 4 resident, you will choose which one of these three tracks to participate in for your final year of training.  At Doctors Hospital a majority of the residents choose the Advanced Tract, thus selecting 6 to 7 four-week block rotations in varying specialties based on their interests.  Throughout the OGME 4 year, residents perfect incorporating knowledge with clinical experiences towards patient care to become truly independent anesthesiologists.