COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates

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Obtaining Medical Records

Restrictions to in-person records requests

We are limiting visits to the Health Information Management department to protect the health of our associates, patients and visitors. You can obtain your health records electronically using one of the methods below.

OhioHealth MyChart

Patients with an OhioHealth MyChart account can request and receive electronic health records through their MyChart account. MyChart requests are usually completed within two business days. Requests for records prior to 2016 can be submitted through MyChart and will be forwarded to the correct team for processing. These older records may need to be obtained from multiple storage methods, and may take longer to complete. Older medical records will be mailed to the requester’s address.


Records needed by other healthcare providers for continuity of care can be requested by that healthcare provider through a faxed request. The request must contain the patient’s demographic information, as well as a list of what information is needed, such as test results, imaging, notes and discharge summaries. Please also include which care site or sites records are needed from. Turnaround time for continuity of care requests is normally three business days or less.

Release of information form

You can download a Release of Information form, or request one by email, fax, mail, or phone call at one of the care sites listed on our medical records page. Completed release of information forms can be submitted by email, fax or mail.