About OhioHealth

Recognizing our role in fostering relationships that enhance our community, OhioHealth has a commitment to collaborate with community organizations that are dedicated to the improvement of health and quality of life.

OhioHealth has been a supporter of local, non-profit health-related organizations that have a collaborative relationship with our organization. Additionally, OhioHealth provides limited support to other civic organizations whose endeavors are aligned with our mission.

Through such engagement in the community, OhioHealth is working in partnership to strengthen community life, to enhance our neighborhoods and to make our community a better and healthier place to live.

Sponsorship Guidelines

Given the number of requests received each year, OhioHealth has a policy to primarily fund those requests that align with our strategic mission to "improve the health of those we serve".

Organizations may submit an annual, comprehensive list of all programs and events for which funding is being sought by the date specified by OhioHealth. Please refer to these guidelines for your proposal.

Read the OhioHealth Sponsorship Evaluation Criteria and Guidelines.