About OhioHealth

Reinvesting in the communities we serve - Our Community Benefit

In its simplest form, our Community Benefit is OhioHealth’s mission in action  Community Benefit Report- part of our work to help those less fortunate and to improve the health and wellness of the communities we serve. One of the most tangible measures of OhioHealth's value to our communities is the amount of "Community Benefit" we provide annually. Every single dollar OhioHealth earns is reinvested in our community to improve the quality of care to our patients and their families.

In Fiscal Year 2013 (FY13), OhioHealth reinvested nearly $260 million in the communities we serve. Our Community Benefit increased $27.5 million over the previous year and included $120 million in charity care and $94 million in unreimbursed Medicaid costs. The total does not include millions of dollars in free care provided by the 3,600 affiliated and employed physicians practicing at neighborhood clinics throughout central Ohio.

In addition to providing charity care, we improve community healthcare in many other important ways, including:

  • Investment in research, innovation and technology to improve quality of care
  • Philanthropy that enhances and expands vital healthcare programs and services
  • Community outreach and education that deliver essential care to those in need
  • Subsidizing essential community health services
  • Creating lasting community partnerships that extend our health and wellness ministry

We are proud to work with the communities we serve and look forward to continuing to provide these important and lasting benefits. Thank you for making another year of successful partnership that delivers broad benefits to our community.

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