Medical Education

The Center for Medical Education and Innovation™ at Riverside is a state-of-the-art medical education facility with a training center incorporating some of the world's most advanced healthcare technologies available.

Through the use of human patient simulators and other advances in medical education technology, the Center enables Riverside Medical Education to simulate patients and the patient experience in a wide variety of clinical situations. It offers a safe way for medical professionals to practice new technologies and advanced procedures without putting real patients at risk.

The Center received grants to study how training physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals in a simulated hospital environment affects medical education outcomes and, potentially, patient outcomes.

CME+I represents a major transformation in medical education and increases patient safety, facilitates the evaluation of new medical technologies, and encourages the adoption of new skills.

The Center is comprised of three areas, each with a distinct purpose:

  • Virtual Care Unit™
  • Laboratory Skills Center
  • Conference Learning Suite

National leaders

CME+I positions Riverside and OhioHealth among the top independent academic medical centers and as worldwide leaders in healthcare innovation and medical training.

The Center revolutionizes medical training and provides new opportunities for medical professionals to work more effectively as a team. Nurses and doctors are able to work side by side, practicing complex procedures over and over again.

Top residents, physicians and other healthcare professionals from around the world train at the Center.

Keeping patients safe, medical professionals prepared

The Center provides valuable training experience that addresses growing concerns about patient safety. Medical professionals learn about and develop the necessary skills to safely use new healthcare technologies that require high levels of competency in a carefully monitored and measured environment.

Physicians and other medical professionals from Riverside and other OhioHealth hospitals are assured of maintaining the highest levels of medical competency through ongoing training and professional development using the advanced technologies and medical innovations offered at CME+I.

The Center also serves as a beta site for testing and evaluation of state-of-the-art medical equipment and devices, providing a safe environment for innovation and research before they reache patients.

Disaster preparedness

CME+I is a critical resource in preparing medical professionals for natural disasters and other large-scale emergencies.

Much of the Center's technology used to be available only to the military, training medics and other personnel. Medical professionals now use that same technology at CME+I to receive specialized, multidisciplinary team training in disaster preparedness, mass casualty situations and crisis response.