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Diversity at OhioHealth

Our differences, our rich culture and our unfettered values – these are the tenets which make OhioHealth great. We believe it’s the only way to truly be a nationally-respected healthcare system.

We at OhioHealth take the descriptor “A Great Place to Work” very seriously. That’s why we invest in the right components to make that a reality every day. It means having robust Diversity Councils and Business Resource Groups designed to foster an environment where differences are respected and drive innovation.

We pride ourselves on being a preferred employer because of the values we live by. Our reputation comes with great responsibility – to ensure that the talent we hire brings diverse excellence to enrich our associate culture across all sectors. Furthermore, we foster the dignity and worth of every individual to make certain those ideals thrive system-wide.

Diversity as Part of Our Values

We Act Upon Our Beliefs

We unwaveringly work to promote and sustain a culture of care and excellence. In our view, that is accomplished when all associates are part of the conversation, and happens through a culture of communication and transparency.

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace are fundamental to making our high impact culture a tangible reality. By staying true to our Values Blueprint, a codified understanding among all associates, we can successfully maintain a workplace where everyone’s uniqueness and fresh perspectives contribute to the excellence in care we deliver.

What Diversity Is To Us

What Diversity Means to Us

At OhioHealth, diversity has a broad definition that encompasses many things. It takes into consideration the high value found in the different ways our associates interact with patients and one another. We at OhioHealth do everything in our power to move the needle beyond even our definition of diversity, and enhance the rich quality it brings to our entire healthcare system.

Expand that to the meaning of “inclusion” and you are touching upon our view of the OhioHealth environment. System-wide, we encourage each associate to bring his or her entire and unique self to work every day so that compassion and respect permeate every relationship and interaction. 

Diversity in Action

WE Work Together on Diversity

Diversity is at the core of our everyday actions. Through well-established Diversity Councils and Business Resource Groups (BRGs), we can further the dialogue necessary to continually improve and advance beyond the current set of standards.

Our Diversity Councils Are:

  • OhioHealth Physicians Group (OPG) Diversity Council
  • OhioHealth Neighborhood Care (OHNC) Diversity Council
  • Grant Diversity Council

The Five BRGs Include:

  • Women Physician BRG (“WE L.E.A.D.”)
  • African American BRG
  • Administrative Professional BRG
  • Veterans BRG

Physician Diversity Scholars Program

OhioHealth has long recognized the need to provide a medical staff that mirrors the diversity of the communities we serve. Our Physician Diversity Scholars Program encourages and promotes the training and acquisition of valuable minority physicians who contribute to the growth and success of OhioHealth.