Career Growth


Career Growth

We Are a Place of Learning and Growth

WE at OhioHealth believe growth and learning are the pillars by which we will continue to lead as a healthcare system. All associates deserve these important opportunities and they are our priority.

We maintain a self-evident truth that in order for our associates to succeed, grow and thrive, we must provide them with outstanding learning and development opportunities. We manifest our commitment to this in many ways, from group to individual development plans. These include simulation training centers, Nurse Leadership Pathway programs, and OhioHealth University’s classroom and online curriculum. Just in the past year alone, an inspiring number of associates were elevated to first-time leadership positions and others received significant role promotions. This is evidence that we are determined to see our associates’ careers soar to their highest potential.

WE Empower You to Lead, and to Grow

To build tomorrow’s leaders, we have developed a comprehensive strategy.

Our Leadership Development Plans have several paths, ranging from what we call a “1-2-3” model to a more in-depth development avenue.

OhioHealth has devised two distinctive leadership programs: one for our associates and one for our director-level staff. In all cases, our goal is to always follow “best practices” and continue to improve upon the programs we’ve designed to make certain they align with our evolving culture and strategic plans.

The Leadership and Development (LEAD) Program

This year-long leadership program is designed to develop specially-selected associates to the next level of leadership expertise. The monthly programs are facilitated by members of the senior leadership team who mentor about their career progression and give insight on organizational strategy.

The Emerging Leader Program 

This year-long leadership curriculum is for staff-level associates who serve as "informal leaders" across the organization. Each year, a group of high-performing individuals are selected by their unit leadership to participate in order to help them strengthen their leadership effectiveness and influencing skills. The participants meet bi-monthly with organizational leaders in classroom sessions on a variety of topics. They also participate in additional activities to help them identify their key strengths and areas for further development.


WE Guide You, From Classroom to Real Life

OhioHealth creates learning experiences that bring associates as close to real life situations as possible. Via simulation, both stationary and mobile, we create scenarios that directly involve students and physicians in the immediacy of patient care. OhioHealth Learning, as an international leader in innovative learning, enables medical students, residents, practicing physicians, nurses and allied healthcare providers to perform at their best.

Simulation and Courses

Through our large assortment of development courses, OhioHealth can expand associates’ knowledge base in such areas as Crucial Conversations, Public Speaking and Charting Your Career Path. Our simulation centers, like our Level I Comprehensive Educational Institute, are accredited by the American College of Surgeons. Each one of OhioLearning’s multiple computer-controlled simulators can perform over 72,000 patient condition response combinations. Additionally, simulators can be used with other devices to train medical professionals in the optimal implementation of medical equipment and drugs. We are building important pathways to advancing the capabilities of our associates and the system at large.

Education Reimbursement 

When you want to do things right, it comes with a price. We at OhioHealth understand this and see education not as an expense, but as a crucial investment. We want to do more than support the careers of our associates – we want to grow their talents and help them reach their highest aspirations. Our tuition reimbursement enables them to do just that. Additionally, our OhioHealth Scholar Program offers associates the chance to improve their standing by going after specific targeted degrees and certifications.