Jobs, Fellowships and Internships for Students

We know your goal is simple: get the best training, in the best programs, within the best healthcare system in the country. Done.

When you’re seeking ideal opportunities in internships, fellowships and curriculum-based training, the choice is easy: OhioHealth. Our programs are geared to bring you up to speed smoothly, while you learn from the best minds in the field.

Each program is specifically designed to deliver the quality of training and experience you need to begin your career with complete confidence. For those pursuing a clinical career, OhioHealth offers four nursing fellowships in Med/Surg, Surgery, Critical Care and ED. We also have APP and physician residencies and fellowships. For those pursuing a non-clinical career, OhioHealth offers an administrative fellowship and extensive internships.

Critical Care Nursing Fellowship

A unique and transitional program

The OhioHealth Critical Care Fellowship programs provides you with the opportunities to explore new challenges and acquire vital new clinical skills. This program is unique in the fact that it is transitional by nature, creating a smooth pathway to your career. New graduate nurses learn through a combination of classroom, hands-on clinical rotations and state-of-the-art simulation lab experience to best prepare for a variety of challenges in an exciting new career.

At the end of the fellowship program, critical care fellows will proceed to actual interviews for available positions in an OhioHealth critical care unit.

Medical/Surgical Nursing Fellowship

WE Provide You the Tools and the Knowledge

Our innovative 9-week Med/Surg program for RNs is geared to put you into immediate placement into medical/surgical positions. In this program, top candidates begin with a patient-centric and individualized orientation and onboarding process. You are closely monitored by fellowship managers and preceptors chosen specifically for this program.

You are introduced early to important features like leadership development and patient experience so you can provide outstanding patient care and build a formidable career. Ultimately, the Med/Surg Fellowship is designed to get you ready for immediate placement on high-need units.   

Emergency Department Fellowship

WE Take You From Novice to Clinician 

Our Emergency Department (ED) fellowship program provides RNs with opportunities to explore new experiences, learn an abundance of clinical skills and feel more than prepared for real-life challenges.

During this 12-week training, you are promptly hired and start your gradual transition from student to emergency care clinician. You will receive extensive curriculum-based training and, by the end of the program, you will be fully prepared to begin your exciting professional journey with OhioHealth. 

Surgical Nursing Fellowship

The experience you need, the confidence you want

OhioHealth’s Surgical Fellowship is unlike our other fellowships. Our innovative 6-month intensive program begins with hiring and training of RNs to make them feel like they are part of the Operating Room team.

Over the course of the program, you will spend time in multiple service lines within the OR, getting a wealth of experience before you are placed on one of our service-line teams. By that time, you will possess all the knowledge and tools to join OR associates you need to provide healthcare’s most outstanding patient experience.

Administrative Fellowship

WE Help You Become Tomorrow’s Leaders

OhioHealth is an industry leader who must foster the next generation of visionaries to carry on our important work as an innovator in healthcare. To do this effectively, we have designed a comprehensive two-year Administrative Fellowship program that will shape the kinds of well-rounded, multi-faceted professionals who can successfully guide their fellow associates into the new patient care experience necessary to lead an entire industry.

Go to the Administrative Fellowship page for more details.


Start Your Career Off Right

Our interns are an integral part of our team and treated as such. We employ over 4,000 interns every year, in areas ranging from clinical training to experience toward their degrees. As an intern you will be connected with the best OhioHealth has to offer – thought-leaders and industry experts. These experienced associates will act as your mentors, helping you develop your skills and knowledge through extensive training and real-scenario experience. Although the internship lasts a maximum of 6-months, you gain the experience of a lifetime. Interns through a program or school is common, but not necessary, and at the end of the internship you may be recommended to our recruitment team.