Nursing Jobs at OhioHealth

If you want to be in a place where nurses are a part of our healthcare team — heard, treated well and an integral part of the team — and given the opportunity to learn, grow and care, you want to be a nurse at OhioHealth.

You already know OhioHealth’s reputation as a nationally recognized, leading healthcare system. Because behind our state-of-the-art technology and innovative patient care is talented people who make that identity a reality — and a great many of them are nurses.

OhioHealth is home to nurses whose ideas are welcomed by the doctors they support and the associates with whom they work side-by-side. Our nurses work in an atmosphere where they feel encouraged to continue their education and find balance between their responsibilities at work and at home. This is what it feels like to be a nurse at OhioHealth – to have the benefits you really need and the support of people whose sole aim is to help you perform at your very best.

Getting Started / Training

WE Start You Off Right

OhioHealth is known as a place where nurses want to work because we start your professional career off strong and in the right way. To ease you into your exciting new role, we provide comprehensive individual nursing orientation to acclimate you to your new surroundings and team.

New grad nurses have the advantage of choosing from one of three best-in-class 6-to-8-week fellowship programs. Here, you have the advantage of training with a team of people who will bring you up to speed at a reasonable pace. By being immersed in the clinical setting, shadowing experienced preceptor nurses, you will receive guided learning opportunities in order to instill confidence and make your full-time experience more rewarding.

We are especially proud of our JumpStart Nursing Orientation program, which brings together experimental learning within an environment for nurses to share new ideas and continually advance OhioHealth’s outstanding level of patient care.

Patient & Education Support

WE  Are Always Learning & Supported 

OhioHealth nurses experience a care setting that provides the right skill mix with the right support. This includes being paired with Patient Support Assistants (PSAs) to support the healthcare teams at all times. At OhioHealth, we understand that one more set of hands and eyes can make a world of difference in a nurse’s daily life.

Education is such a big part of career development at OhioHealth, which is why we support nurses moving their professional skills and accreditation forward. We want you to go back for that Master’s or NNP, and that’s why we provide access to the resources that will enable you to put those new skills and knowledge to good use. 

Having A Voice/Involvement

A Shared Governance Structure 

Our nurses, as with all of our associates, are experts at what they do. They have knowledge and skills, which means they have lots of ideas. Fortunately, OhioHealth is a place of ideas. The innovative thinking of nurses and our associates, along with progressive healthcare programs, is what makes OhioHealth a model of world-class care.

We have all manner of councils and committees where our nurses can speak their minds and decide just how quality care will be delivered. It is that very open environment that has earned us the recognition as a 2 MAGNET system.

Challenging & Dynamic Scope

WE  Are Here to Heal, and to Grow

OhioHealth provides a unique environment for our nurses’ talents and aspirations. You will experience a wide variety of opportunities to apply all of your skills, in ways that touch lives and give tremendous satisfaction.

With our scope of cases, from trauma to critical care, every day presents something exciting and different. We provide the rare opportunity for you to spread your wings in ways you never imagined. If your nursing interests change while you’re here, OhioHealth has excellent programs in place to help you transition within our system to explore something new and exciting.

Good People, Mission, Closing

WE  See Commitment All Around Us

As nurses, as professionals and as OhioHealth associates, we see examples of great care all around us. We see genuinely good people who are dedicated to serving their patients and their community with excellence. We see people working together to bring world-class healthcare to an inspiring level — and then take it a notch higher.

As nurses and as unique individuals, we are proud to be part of the region’s largest healthcare provider, and we are even more proud to call OhioHealth our home. Here, we are delivering best-in-class care in an environment where achieving more in both our careers and our personal lives are tangible assets we realize every day.