Non-Clinical Professionals


Non-Clinical Professionals

Careers for Non-Clinical Professionals

WE are OhioHealth’s non-clinical associates. We fulfill vital roles as managers, directors, business support and operations.

Our work has great impact on OhioHealth’s mission to improve the well-being of our community. We feel tremendous pride in the fact that we are part of a world-class healthcare organization, nationally-recognized for its innovation in wellness and prevention. OhioHealth is a place where we see the good we do, and we know that our contributions make a difference in peoples’ lives, including our own. 

Executive & Management

WE  Are the Leaders Who Also Serve 

Our leaders point the way to the future with the help of talented associates who help realize our highest potential. Working for a market leader that provides care to a large community, our executives and managers have a drive to be continuously innovating. That means staying open to new ideas and collaborating with other valuable thought leaders in order to transform of the patient care experience.

OhioHealth is an organization that provides ambitious executive and management talent the tools that enable them to accomplish unprecedented advances in the healthcare field. As a leader here, you have unparalleled access to resources, outstanding senior leadership and to build important relationships that will enable you to produce incredible results.

Join us and see how far your greatest ambitions can take you.

Business Support

WE  Are the Engine That Keeps Things Humming

Behind the scenes at OhioHealth, there are those of us who make certain all the parts of our organization work seamlessly. We are the people in IT, Finance, Marketing & Communications, and more. Our talents would be appreciated in any industry, but we chose OhioHealth because supporting the important work of a healthcare leader gives us satisfaction that can’t be equaled in any other facet of business

If you’re ready to find a career that provides the development you want and an impact you never thought imaginable, think OhioHealth.


WE  Focus on the Details

As operations associates, we interact with patients and their families in a way that is second only to their caregivers. Some of us are office specialists. Others handle patient registration, while additional team members make certain the gardens are well-tended or the patients are greeted with a kind “hello”.

We know that the strength of our organization lies in of the sum of our parts. Our roles, skills and ability to do a job well, contribute to the shining impression that patients and their families carry for our great healthcare system.

In many instances, we are the face of OhioHealth – an organization who knows that what we do completes the picture that is OhioHealth. Every associate at OhioHealth has a purpose.

Join us and help your career meet a higher aim.