Clinical Professionals


Clinical Professionals

Careers for Clinical Professionals

WE are the advanced practice providers, allied health and patient care professionals who are integral to the quality of care patients receive at OhioHealth. Our expertise helps make OhioHealth a nationally respected, innovative healthcare system.

OhioHealth is a special place for clinical professionals. Here, you work with the most advanced technologies alongside the best doctors utilizing the most progressive procedures and programs. In exchange for your commitment to serve our community and provide the finest quality healthcare, we reward you with flexible schedules, comprehensive compensation and the kind of work/life balance that only an organization of OhioHealth’s scope can truly provide.

Advanced Practice Providers (APPS)

WE Make Comprehensive Care Possible

Advanced Practice Providers are essential to the success of overall patient care at OhioHealth. As Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants, CNS, Midwives and CRNAs, we work in concert with both physicians and cross-functional teams in a variety of settings. Everything is designed to assure the comprehensive care OhioHealth provides is nothing short of outstanding. OhioHealth has created robust career opportunities for clinical professionals within this program so the potential to expand and grow is system-wide.

Allied Health

WE Support Comprehensive Care

Allied Health practitioners at OhioHealth represent the elite in their field. Their outstanding work as respiratory and rehabilitation therapists, imaging technologists and pharmacists are key to OhioHealth’s level of patient care excellence. State-of-the-art technology enables them to deliver the highest quality care anywhere. Working side-by-side with physicians, OhioHealth’s Allied Health associates touch patients’ lives in exceptional ways — and the annual Prism Awards they’ve received attest to their impact. As an imperative part of the OhioHealth team, this role comes with great benefits, such as tuition reimbursement, community event sponsorships and outstanding recognition.

Patient Care Support

WE Add Comfort to the Care

A Patient Care Supporter is often the first caregiver an OhioHealth patient encounters – and in those instances can sometimes be the most critical. Patient Care Assistants, Medical Assistants and Radiology Tech Aides are the warm touch that sets the tone for the patient’s entire care experience. OhioHealth gives Patient Care Supporters the opportunity to extend their special talents and devotion to providing compassionate care. As an imperative part of the OhioHealth team, this role comes with great benefits like tuition reimbursement, community event sponsorships and outstanding recognition.