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Chemotherapy treatment is highly individualized, and your OhioHealth cancer care team approaches it with a compassionate and focused multidisciplinary effort. 

That means the medical oncologist, surgeon, radiation oncologist and others on your cancer care team work together to determine and monitor the most effective chemotherapy treatment for your cancer. 

Chemotherapy Treatment at OhioHealth

Chemotherapy treatment is administered in many different ways. How your chemotherapy treatment is administered will depend on the cancer you’re being treated for, the medications being used in your treatment plan and your current health.  

Following are some of the ways chemotherapy is administered at OhioHealth:

  • Intravenous -- infused through a vein
  • Intramuscular -- injected into a muscle
  • Subcutaneous -- injected under the skin
  • Intra-arterial -- injected into an artery that goes to a certain area of the body
  • Intravesical -- infused into the bladder
  • Intrapleural -- infused into the chest cavity
  • Intraperitoneal -- infused into the abdomen
  • Intrathecal -- infused into the central nervous system via spinal fluid
  • Intralesional/intratumoral -- injected directly into the tumor
  • Orally (pills)
  • Topically (skin cream)

Our Outpatient Chemotherapy Treatment

Our outpatient chemotherapy treatment centers are located at:

They provide a comfortable and convenient place outside the hospital setting to receive chemotherapy. They are staffed with registered nurses, many certified oncology nurses, all of whom are trained in chemotherapy.

We understand that chemotherapy requires a commitment of time, often months or even years. Our nurses therefore not only provide the highest quality of care but also compassion, which, over the course of time, establishes strong relationships with their patients.

While you’re receiving chemotherapy at our outpatient centers, you can use the time to meet with your patient navigator, receive massage or art therapy and, depending on the time of your visit, have lunch.

In addition to the utmost care and treatment during your time with us in our outpatient centers, we provide you with educational information to help prevent complications and promote self-care.

Additional Ways Chemotherapy Treatment Is Offered

Physician’s Office Chemotherapy Treatment

Some OhioHealth medical oncologist practices offer chemotherapy treatment in a chemotherapy suite located in their medical offices.  Talk to your medical oncologist about possible chemotherapy services he or she may offer.

Our At-Home Chemotherapy Treatment

Should your OhioHealth cancer care team determine you need a continuous infusion of chemotherapy at home, you will work with OhioHealth Home Care, which offers one of the most experienced chemotherapy pharmacy services in central Ohio. 

Your medical oncologist or outpatient chemotherapy center will refer you to OhioHealth Home Care. In most cases, you’ll be set up with a portable pump that intravenously administers the chemotherapy medications at a slow continuous rate, allowing for on-going absorption of the medication.

A home health nurse will help with your treatments in your home.  Because questions and concerns happen at all times of the day and night, we have OhioHealth Home Care nurses available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and provide any necessary care.

Our Inpatient Chemotherapy Treatment

Some chemotherapy treatment plans call for multiple medications to be administered at different times of the day for an extended period. Because of the complexity of the schedule, these treatment plans may require you to be cared for as a hospital inpatient. 

The length of your hospital stay will be determined by your treatment plan. Talk to your medical oncologist or patient navigator, if you have questions regarding your inpatient stay.

Outpatient Chemotherapy Scheduling: What to Expect

Your first chemotherapy appointment with an OhioHealth outpatient center either will be set up by the office staff of your medical oncologist or by the outpatient center’s staff.  It all depends on your individual treatment plan and how your medical oncologist coordinates schedules with chemotherapy clinics. 

We understand treatment schedules can seem overwhelming. That’s why your cancer care team will work closely and compassionately with you to help you during this time. Keep in mind your patient navigator can help you with any questions you may have.