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Our Approach to Care

OhioHealth holds true to a philosophy of care that, in addition to the highest level of expertise and most advanced treatments, is collaborative, patient-centered and compassionate.

Therefore, we have created programs that go beyond clinical treatment. They help ensure our cancer patients receive the support and services they need to manage the journey cancer has taken them on and ultimately, improve the patient experience and clinical outcomes.

OhioHealth Is Now a Certified Member of MD Anderson Cancer Network®

The OhioHealth collaboration with MD Anderson Cancer Network allows us to combine the best of what we provide locally with the expertise of one of the nation’s leading cancer hospitals so we can better serve you.

MD Anderson Cancer Network is designed to advance the institution’s mission of eliminating cancer by delivering MD Anderson expertise to community health providers. The network includes mission-aligned hospitals and healthcare systems across the United States committed to elevating the quality of cancer care in their communities. Hospitals have direct access to MD Anderson clinical guidelines and best practices through membership in MD Anderson Cancer Network.

Learn more about MD Anderson Cancer Network®.

How Does This Relationship Benefit Patients Like Me?

OhioHealth’s relationship with MD Anderson Cancer Network means that you will have access to nationally recognized cancer care protocols and best practices, allowing OhioHealth cancer specialists certified by MD Anderson Cancer Network to develop treatment recommendations for patients like you to improve the likelihood of positive outcomes.

As the first certified member of MD Anderson Cancer Network in Ohio, we follow MD Anderson’s nationally recognized best practices for: 

  • Patient outcomes
  • Quality care assurances and protocols
  • New technology, treatments and clinical research
  • Integrated patient care and prevention
  • Specialized treatment for your type of cancer

Additionally, OhioHealth offers you:

  • Patient navigators who connect you to patient education and support services
  • Integrative therapies such as massage therapy, acupuncture and more
  • Exceptional facilities close to where you live and work

As a patient, this means you can be confident in the exceptional quality of your care. At OhioHealth, you will be in the hands of cancer specialists who are dedicated to providing you with highly personalized treatment.

Learn more about the OhioHealth collaboration with MD Anderson Cancer Network.

Patient Navigators

Guiding you through your Cancer Care Plan.

"You are a survivor from the beginning and everyone's journey is unique." - Casey Gallant, RN, OCN

Patient Navigator Casey Gallant