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Diagnosed with Kidney Cancer.

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Paul's Story - Kidney Cancer

I Thought It Was Appendicitis

Paul tries to work out three times a week and generally feels good, so it was unusual to feel ill after a normal workout, and even more unusual to still feel unwell the next day. 

Thinking he might have appendicitis, Paul went to see his primary care physician, who, knowing that Paul rarely complains about pain, sent him directly to the Emergency Department at OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital. That’s when a CAT scan revealed a 12 cm (nearly 5”) tumor near his left kidney. 

Finding a Large Tumor Was Scary, but My Surgeon Was Optimistic

“I saw the size of the tumor and my concern was that it was going to spread,” Paul said. “I started to make other plans and think about what my wife would do.” 

"Riverside Methodist Hospital is a great place to go,” Paul said. “It’s all about the culture, the sense of caring."

Surgery took place exactly 14 days after that trip to the gym. The laparoscopic procedure, which required only a small incision, removed the tumor. His physicians and team were cautiously optimistic that it had been removed completely and they were right. Within a week, Paul was walking two miles. Within two weeks he was driving. Within three he was back at the gym. 

The tumor, which was removed by Fadel Elkhairi, MD, was clear cell renal cancer, a type of kidney cancer. It hadn’t spread. And in December, he received the news that he was cancer-free.

A Caring Culture Was Essential to My Cancer Treatment

“If you’re going to be sick, Riverside Methodist Hospital is a great place to go,” Paul said. “It’s all about the culture, the sense of caring, the feeling like you’re not just someone taking up time. It’s a place to go to be treated well.”

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