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Diagnosed with colon cancer in June 2007.
Treated at Grant Medical Center.

Treatment Team:

DrShakir Sarwar

Shakir Sarwar, MD. Hematology/Oncology


Jamie Harness Patient Navigator

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Joe's Story - Colon Cancer

A Colonoscopy Showed I Had Colon Cancer

Down the street from Grant Medical Center sits a law school. For years, a man shuttled employees and students from a nearby parking lot to the school. He later became a security officer for the school. He loved to tell jokes to those who rode on his shuttle or passed by his security desk. Many people came to enjoy the fun-spirited man who made them laugh each day. They knew him as Joe Adams, a shuttle driver and security officer.

Grant Medical Center knows Joe Adams as a survivor. In June 2007, Joe came to Grant for a colonoscopy and was subsequently diagnosed with colon cancer. Two months later Joe underwent surgery.  It was not long after surgery when Joe went to see Shakir Sarwar, MD. Dr. Sarwar prescribed a chemotherapy regimen and Joe spent two months visiting the Grant Infusion Center. 

Joe relied on his family for most of his support. His co-workers were also a great support to Joe, especially when he returned to work only 17 days after his surgery. 

I Beat It Once and I’m Not Giving Up

Nearly two years later, Joe returned to Grant for an annual screening and was diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer to the lung. Once again, Joe turned to Grant for his cancer treatment.

Today, Joe continues to receive treatment for his diagnosis. He no longer works and has no insurance coverage. Joe feels supported by everyone on his care team. This includes the staff of the Infusion Center, his family, his patient advocate, Jamie Harness, and his physicians.

"The staff in the Infusion Center has definitely impacted my treatment," Joe says. "I feel very comfortable asking anyone about my treatment. The whole staff has been great to me."

"My patient advocate has made a big difference in my life. I would not be getting chemo if it were not for Jamie."

My Patient Navigator Helped Me With Treatment Expenses

Grant has provided many resources to Joe, some of which he describes as making a big difference in his life. Joe was referred to the Patient Advocate and Support Services (PASS) program, which connected Joe with Jamie. "My patient advocate has made a big difference in my life. I would not be getting chemo if it were not for Jamie." She also helped Joe apply for financial assistance, which he now receives. In addition, she obtained drug assistance approvals, helping with Joe’s medication expenses. "The drug assistance helps immensely," states Joe. "If it was not for that, stuff would just pile up on me."

Overall, Joe describes his experience at Grant Medical Center as comfortable. "I’m confident in everyone there. When they tell me what I need, I do not have to question it."

I’m a Cancer Survivor

Joe Adams is more than just a shuttle driver or security officer. He is a cancer survivor. Grant Medical Center’s Cancer Care team not only treats Joe’s cancer, but they focus on treating Joe. With the help of specialized physicians, experienced staff and patient resources, Joe remains a fun-spirited person and continues to offer humor to those around him.

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