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Patient Navigators

Guiding You Through Your Cancer Care Plan 

The OhioHealth cancer care family offers an exceptionally personal approach to cancer care, beginning with access to a patient navigator.

A patient navigator provides personalized assistance to help patients, families and caregivers cope with all the tasks, decisions, emotions and physical effects you'll face throughout screening, diagnosis, treatment and beyond. From your very first visit, you'll find your patient navigator to be an indispensable resource, highly adept at augmenting your physician team's expertise.   

She’ll link you to the services, education and support you need to successfully manage your care, restore your sense of well-being and overcome the challenges of living with cancer. Many patients say that their patient navigator drastically reduces their own personal stress by assisting them with:

  • General education, assistance and support
  • Explaining medical terms, diagnoses, procedures and treatments
  • Discussing treatment choices and providing information to help with the treatment decision process
  • Communicating with healthcare professionals
  • Contacting your primary care doctor about a diagnosis, and coordinating and scheduling next steps as needed
  • Helping sort through the emotional impact of a diagnosis
  • Offering information on the numerous support systems available
  • Offering a supporting, compassionate ear

Learn more about the patient navigator program by calling CancerCall at 1 (800) 752.9119. 

You can also download the Cancer Planner and work with your patient navigator to tailor the planner to fit your individual needs.