Celebrate Doctors’ Day: Honor your caregiver

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Without doctors, these stories wouldn’t be possible.

Here’s how our providers are making a difference in the lives of our patients.

"To doctors Gregory Kidwell, Vipin Koshal, Mitesh Patel, Kristin Lowe, Umamahesh Yellamraju, Sergio Ulloa, Neal Nesbitt and Victoria Steen — you’re Bill's village, patiently working together to keep his heart beating. I'm so very grateful for your tender mercies, generous graces and determined efforts. You've removed his fear and replaced it with wonderful faith. On behalf of his extended family, I offer our humble gratitude for you and your fabulous coworkers.”

Bill and Lois H.

Response from Dr. Nesbitt:

“What a thoughtful letter! It is gratifying to hear about the difference our efforts can make in a someone's life. 

I chose rural surgery as a career not because I couldn't get a job with a large urban healthcare corporation or university, but because I like and appreciate rural life. As in this case, the person in front of you is not an anonymous patient in a hospital gown, but a friend and neighbor. Someone you see often in the community. It is more than gratifying to know I have helped a friend and neighbor stay "almost normal".”

Neal Nesbitt, MD
Physician AMA, Athens Medical Associates


I want to compliment my doctor, Heather Hines and her nurse, Jenny. My whole family goes to Dr. Hines because she's so wonderful. She's compassionate, caring, thoughtful and thorough and many other positive adjectives. I have suggested Dr. Hines to several people who are looking for a new physician. I really cannot say enough about her and Jenny, they really are an awesome pair.

Elizabeth C.

"The Mansfield SICU staff are tops - the best and truly appreciated by me. Each interaction I was met with a smile, they'd listen to me talk, help me with my care and we were even able to laugh at times…After receiving such good, kind and understanding care, this truly helped me after I got home. I remembered the education and the nicety of all.  I was told that I had a 50/50 chance of a full recovery, and I was blessed with a 100% full recovery. Today I believe with all my heart that was due to the expert care of everyone that worked with me..."

Kathy F.

Response from Dr. Ghinda:

“To have a patient take the time to write such a message means the world to me, especially after a very challenging weekend on call. Helping people is the reason we are going to hospital day and night and it's great to see that we can make a difference.”

Cristina Diana Ghinda, MD, PhD, FRCSC, FAANS
Neurosurgeon, OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital

Many surgeries and my journey with Grant Medical Center - Bone and Joint was a very long and painful one, but thanks to the care of the skilled Nurses, everyone behind the scenes, my Doctor ... I was able to endure and thrive! Grant Medical Center is truly a place of skillful, caring individuals…that is certainly rare in today’s world. Thank you for helping me!

Layne R.

"My Grateful Patient Story is dedicated to the teams of fantastic individuals in Neuroscience. The quality of care I’ve personally had the pleasure to experience over the last couple of years have created, even though it may be a small section under the monster umbrella that is MS, a much-needed sense of calm and normalcy. In closing, a “thank you” just doesn’t seem adequate enough of a gesture of gratitude when it comes to my Neuroscience team of doctors, nurses and staff."

Tammy P.

Response from Dr. Nicholas:

“Within the OhioHealth Multiple Sclerosis Center, our goal is to improve the lives of the patients and families we serve. As a physician, it is an honor to improve the lives of individuals living with MS and other neurological diseases. It is an even greater honor to receive such kind words and appreciation in response for the care we provide. I'm grateful for the positive feedback as it reinforces our dedication and commitment to our work.”

Jacqueline A. Nicholas, MD, MPH
System Chief Neuroimmunology and Multiple Sclerosis
OhioHealth Multiple Sclerosis Center

My gratitude story is about Jennifer Lam, a great young doctor who really cares for her patients. After many years of seeing a different provider, I felt the need for “ new eyes” on an on going issue. Did a little search and found Dr. Lam. I feel more heard, and understand more in just two visits. Thanks so much Dr. Lam!!

Kelly M.