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OhioHealth offers two retirement programs to help you prepare for your financial future.


The Cash Balance Retirement Plan

This is a pension benefit fully paid for by OhioHealth that rewards you for your career. You will automatically become a participant on January 1st following 6 months of service provided you are at least age 20½. You will receive a contribution each year based upon your age and years of service with OhioHealth as of December 31st, along with interest credits (you must be paid for at least 1000 hours in the year). Through your annual statement, you will always know the value of your Cash Balance Retirement Plan for which you are vested after completing three years of service.


Retirement Savings Plan [403(b)/401(k)] (RSP)

OhioHealth offers the Retirement Savings Plan [403(b)/401(k)] (RSP) with the Annual Retirement Contribution (ARC) to help you prepare for your financial future.

The Retirement Savings Plan [403(b)/401(k)] (RSP) offers a tax-deferred way for you to save for retirement and receive an OhioHealth matching contribution. If you meet all eligibility requirements for the matching contribution, OhioHealth will match 50 cents for every $1 you contribute, up to two percent of your annual pay on a pre-tax basis increasing up to three percent of your pay with 20 or more years of service.

Through the Annual Retirement Contribution (ARC), OhioHealth also makes an automatic contribution on an annual basis to your RSP. The amount is based on your age and service with OhioHealth from 2 to 5%. You will automatically become eligible for the ARC on January 1 following six months of service, provided you are at least 20 ½ ."