Jobs and Volunteering

OhioHealth offers a range of paid time-off programs to support your time-off needs. You're eligible for time-off benefits if you are regularly scheduled to work at least 32 hours per pay period and work for a participating OhioHealth entity.

Time Away Pay (TAP)

TAP is a single bank of time used for paid time away from work for personal and family needs, such as vacations, sick time and personal time off. TAP hours are earned for qualified hours (up to a maximum of 80 hours per pay) and depends on your years of service.

Here's an example calculation: Annual TAP earned per 80 hours worked (8 hour days).

Years of ServiceHourly/Non-exemptSalaried/Exempt
<116 days16 days
1-417 days20 days
5-1022 days25 days
1123 days26 days
1224 days27 days
1325 days28 days
1426 days29 days
15+27 days30 days

During your first year of service, you will earn .06154 hours of TAP per pay for every hour that you work (up to 80 hours per pay period).

Holiday Pay

OhioHealth recognizes six holidays each year: New Year's Day; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving Day; and Christmas Day.

Temporary Disability Pay (TDP)

TDP ensures you have income during a short-term disability or illness. You are eligible for TDP coverage 180 days after the later of: your date of hire; or the date you become benefits-eligible (to a maximum of 120 days in a rolling 12 months period). TDP coverage begins after you've missed three scheduled work shifts in a row (or 24 hours of scheduled work time in a row, whichever is less). TDP will pay 70% of your base pay rate times the number of regularly scheduled hours of work you miss, with regular taxes withheld.

Bereavement Pay

You may receive bereavement leave pay at 100% of your regularly scheduled pay for up to three missed shifts in the event of the death of an immediate family member. If you need additional time, you can use TAP time to extend your leave, subject to approval.

Parental Leave Pay

Parental Leave Pay recognizes the importance of taking time off when a baby is born or adopted. The first three days of Parental Leave are taken from TAP and the remainder of time is paid through TDP at 70%. New parents may extend their time off beyond the Maximum Parental Leave by using TAP hours or by requesting an unpaid leave of absence, if TAP is not available.

Maximum Parental Leave

  • Birth mother (6 weeks for regular delivery or 8 weeks for Cesaean)
  • Birth fathers (2 weeks)
  • Adoptive parent (2 weeks)
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

OhioHealth complies with the provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act initiated by the U.S. Department of Labor in 1993. The FMLA provides employees with 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave each year for certain family and/or medially related circumstances. Our employee health and wellness department coordinates all leaves of absence and can assist you with understanding the FMLA Policies.