Healthcare Services and Programs

During your labor and delivery
Still baby photos are permitted in the hospital throughout your labor and delivery process. However, in order to protect the privacy and safety of our infants, patients and families, we do restrict the use of recording devices, such as video cameras and digital cameras, in the Labor and Delivery and Mother/Infant units.

  • Cameras must be hand-held and battery-operated. Maintaining a safe area is a priority so electrical cords, tripods and free-standing lights are not allowed on the unit.
  • We welcome video recording of your infant following delivery and stabilization of the baby. In order to protect the rights of all patients, we request that video recording take place in the patient room only. Recording devices are not permitted in the public areas of the nursing unit, such as hallways, nurseries or nurses' stations. Your healthcare personnel will let you know when recording can begin.
  • Video recording is permitted in the Neonatal Special Care Unit, as long as it is restricted to an individual infant with the parent's permission. Please discuss this with your baby's nurse.

Online in Peekaboo Babies
Growing Family, a photography company, will take your baby's photo in our hospital nursery the morning after his or her birth. With your permission, we will post your baby's photo in our online nursery, Peekaboo Babies, so your friends and family can see the bright new smile of your newest family member!

Your baby's photo will be posted about 48 hours after it is taken and will stay in the Peekaboo Babies online nursery approximately 90 days. Pictures can be ordered until your infant is one year of age. There is no obligation to buy photos in order to participate in Peekaboo Babies.

If you wish, you may bring an outfit for the baby to wear for the photo. Be sure to let your nurse know that you have a special outfit.

Loved ones who visit the online nursery may leave a message for you and your baby on the baby's photo page as well. So be sure to check Peekaboo Babies often for heartwarming greetings!

To ensure safety, we post the baby's photo in Peekaboo Babies 48 hours after birth, when you are likely to be home with your baby. Only the baby's first name and initial of the last name are shown, along with the birth date -- not the baby's last name.

For added security, you may password protect your baby's photo. You'll need the Photo ID number found at the top of the Growing Family order form to do that, so be sure to keep the form handy.