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For a patient recovering from a traumatic injury, illness or surgery, the path to wellness starts quickly. Physicians may call on therapy professionals for inpatient rehabilitation to help hospitalized patients regain mobility and self-care skills. This kind of early therapy is called Acute Rehabilitation. It often involves physical, occupational and speech therapies from rehabilitation professionals, based on the unique needs of patients.

Acute Rehabilitation at OhioHealth

We like to call it the OhioHealth difference: world-class interdisciplinary teams of highly skilled physical, occupational and speech therapists working in tandem with physicians, nurses and social workers offer a comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation plan. Rehabilitation professionals form care teams to assess each patient’s function and determine what kinds of services are needed.

Patients may see:

  • A physical therapist who specializes in helping patients with movement, strength, coordination and balance
  • An occupational therapist who helps people in areas such as personal care, homemaking skills and personal management skills
  • A speech-language pathologist (speech therapist) who is trained to help people with speech, swallowing and communication problems

Acute Rehabilitation Therapists work every day with patients to:

  • Restore strength
  • Improve physical and cognitive function
  • Promote independence

Goals are set based on patients' current conditions with close monitoring of both pain and progress. Typically, these goals change on a daily basis in the Acute Rehabilitation phases.

Acute Therapy often focuses on restoring self-care tasks, such as getting dressed and eating.

Acute Rehabilitation Services are offered at five OhioHealth hospitals across the central Ohio region. Many insurance plans are covered at OhioHealth hospital locations. Learn more about accepted insurance plans

What's next after Acute Rehabilitation?

Think of Acute Rehabilitation as a beginning: the first steps toward independence. While each patient's goals are different, the overall aim of therapy is to move patients out and on to the next steps of care.

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What to expect from Acute Rehabilitation

  • As appropriate, therapists assess the patient's ability to move in and out of bed, walk, communicate and perform basic self-care, such as dressing and eating.
  • If language, cognition or swallowing is affected, speech therapists perform special tests to assess and develop a care plan.
  • Patient goals are developed based on their current level of functioning (compared with prior levels of functioning), as well as support in the home.
  • Treatment is provided based on an individualized care plan.
  • Therapists will assess and make recommendations for equipment needed for a safe discharge from the hospital.

Some patients who complete the acute phase of recovery may need continued therapy once they leave the hospital. In these cases, rehabilitation professionals at the hospital make recommendations for continued services within the OhioHealth care continuum, so patients can achieve their long-term goals.

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