About OhioHealth

The OhioHealth Foundation is dedicated to improving our communities through philanthropy. We work with donors to raise funds that help our central Ohio family of 17 hospitals, 21 health and surgery centers, home-health providers, medical equipment and health service suppliers throughout a 40-county area meet their strategic priorities.

We depend on philanthropic support from individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations to continue our mission of achieving excellence in patient care, transforming the future of medical research and education and developing programs that help us improve the health of those we serve.

For more information about the OhioHealth Foundation, please contact us at (614) 544.4483 or giving@ohiohealth.com.

Leadership and Governance

Executive Committee

Tanny Crane, Chair
John P. McConnell, Vice-Chair
Ivery D. Foreman, Esq., Secretary/Treasurer
David P. Blom, President and CEO, OhioHealth
Karen J. Morrison, President, OhioHealth Foundation and Senior Vice President, OhioHealth
Cecily Chester Alexander
Cynthia Englefield
Kenneth R. Frazier
Ralph E. Hodges
Victor D. Irelan
George W. McCloy
Ralph Sanese, Jr.

Riverside Methodist Hospital Development Board

Cecily Chester Alexander, Chair
Elizabeth Doody Anderson
Brian A. Basil
Joseph M. Berwanger
Arthur G.H. Bing, MD
T. Laurence Blosser, MD
Donna Buckley
Ronald L. Geese
Peter B. George, MD
Scott R. Griffin
Thomas L. Harmon, MD
Stephen Markovich, MD
Robert McAdams, Jr.
William D. Music
David T. Patterson
Virginia D. Ragan
Eric C. Smith
Rita J. Smith, RN
Alan R. Weiler
Aimee White
Willis S. White, Jr.
Michael B. Zieg

Grant Medical Center Development Board

Kenneth R. Frazier, Chair
Marilyn Barker
Amie Brooks
Linda Chambers, MD
Steven Fields
Stephen J. Habash
Laith M. Khalaf
William C. Kraner
Michael Lawson
James P. Mackessy, MD
William C. Mechling
Richard G. Terapak
Robert J. Weiler, Jr.
Leah Westwater

Doctors Hospital Development Board

Ralph Sanese, Jr., Chair
David M. Bright
Jane Watson Cunningham
Rebecca deVillers, DO
Joseph Geskey, DO
Troy Hammett
Paige Gutheil Henderson, DO
Thomas E. Hoover, Jr.
Michael L. Reichfield
Richard L. Sims
Eugene Trell, DO
Geraldine Urse, DO

Dublin Methodist Hospital Development Board

Victor D. Irelan, Co-Chair
George W. McCloy, Co-Chair
Douglas T. Anderson
William Butler
Bonnie Coley-Malir
Thomas G. Flesch
Bruce P. Hagen
Yoshihiro Hidaka
Justin Hinderer
Stephanie Infante
Nicholas J. LaRocca
Dana McDaniel
Michael E. Menning
Julie Mercker
David Schwarz
Page Vornbrock
Scott White

Grady Memorial Hospital Development Board

Ralph E. Hodges, Chair
Bruce P. Hagen
Daniel W. Jones
Deborah Martin
Judy Michaelson

OhioHealth Hospice Development Board

Cynthia Englefield, Chair
Tara M. Abraham
Charlette R. Gallagher-Allred, PhD
Patricia S. Cadwallader
Thomas Campbell
Ann B. Dickinson
Ann M. DiMarco
Don Fellenz
Lisa George
Jack T. Gibney
Philip Glandon
Judson Millhon, Jr., MD
Jim Newbrough
Valerie B. Swiatek
Sharon A. Tordoff
Charles von Gunten, MD